Symptoms reported by patients

Treatment options

What do you achieve with Total Rehab knee protocol?

X-ray images of some patients before and after treatment

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Knee pain without any disease or trauma is mainly seen in people of middle age group. The wear and tear of the joint is the reason to develop pain, and is more prevalent in women than men. The wide pelvis of women, their footwear with high heels and minimal support straps, and the changes in hormones during pre-menopause all contribute towards the women being at more risk of developing knee pain than men.


People who have a sitting job are at risk of developing front side knee pains. These people develop weakness of muscles on the front and back of thigh with tightness in muscles of butts. changes in the alignment of the bones of the knee joint coupled with muscle imbalances, causes the cartilage to rupture. ALL THIS IS PREVENTABLE. ALL THIS IS CORRECTABLE IF ATTENDED IN EARLY STAGES BEFORE THE  MIND LEARNS PAIN AND ADAPTED WALKING.Contact Total Rehab today to check how you can get rid of your knee pain without surgery. 


In Indian culture, many people do not use footwear inside the house. When a person walks bare feet on a hard flooring of marble / granite, the knee joint is subjected to high ground impact forces, which increase the wear and tear of the cartilage.


Symptoms reported by patients

Some patients present with pain and swelling in and around the knee joint, but there are many who report with symptoms away from the knee, and so the diagnosis is delayed. People with osteoarthritis of knee may present with some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Pain in knee while climbing up / down the stairs
  • Pain in knee while getting up from chair
  • Difficulty getting up from floor
  • Need to hold at the knee while getting up from floor
  • Need to support the thigh while climbing upstairs
  • Pain and swelling over the knee
  • Pain and swelling at the back of knee
  • Pain in the thigh muscles

Some patients may have flat feet, or knock knees which worsen the knee problem. In some patients, the meniscus is torn because of fast walking or much of stair climbing everyday continued for days and months. These patients report with acute pain and swelling in the knee.


Treatment options

Knee replacement surgeries – not for all


Knee joint is a link between the foot and the upper body.  A natural knee joint performs the proprioception function of receiving and transmitting the ground forces to the upper body. Based on the received information, the muscles and joints of the upper body adjust.


Knee replacement surgeries are being advised frequently these days. It is not that every patient benefits from replacement. A natural knee is always preferred than the metal one.


Imagine a situation where a person with prosthetic (metal) knee has to walk on an uneven surface. As the normal proprioception from knee is not received by brain, the balancing is difficult. Those who are very old, or those who are diabetic, or who have generalized ligament laxity, or have high risk for fall, or else those with osteoporosis should analyse the utility of replaced knee against the risk and cost of surgery involved. Also, such patients tend to develop hip, back and neck pains more frequently after surgery. 


Non-surgical management

Routine physiotherapy  like short wave diathermy (SWD), interferential current (IFT), or quadriceps drill do not help in restoring the normal mechanics of the joint.


A well planned rehabilitation program can help prevent surgery in many individuals. Also, if the patients are seen in early stages, then functional, pain free joints can be maintained throughout the active phase of life. The treatment involves reducing pain and swelling by physiotherapy / medicines, restoring the structure of soft tissues around the knee joint, biomechanical correction with manual therapy and orthoses (external supports) and restoring the tension in myofascia, and retraining of the function of muscles around the knee.


Total Rehab has a very well planned knee treatment protocol which effective in all age and gender.


What do you achieve with Total Rehab knee protocol?

  • Relief of pain
  • Prevention of deformity of the legs
  • Restore the normal walking pattern,
  • Reduced noise in the joint
  • Ease in stair climbing
  • Can sit on floor
  • Regeneration of eroded cartilage
  • Healing of subchondral cysts

 Images before and after treatment of some patients at Total Rehab:















What our patients say?

  1. I am 76-years old; I can now sit on floor, climb stairs and walk……My doctor says I don’t need the surgery now .….Read More
  2. I had swelling on the inside of my knee, it was very painful ….Read More

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