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For the last 4-months, I have not had a proper sleep due to neck pain.  Also I used to feel giddy while lying……….

I was having pain in my hand which started about six months back .It became intense day by day spreading to the back. Going to bed was very painful and I used to sleep in standing. For the last 4-months, I have not had a proper sleep due to pain.  Also I used to feel giddy while lying without pillow.

After a round of x-ray and MRI I was told that I have slipped disc at C3-C4 and C6-C7 levels.  I was then put on many medicines and referred for physiotherapy but no good relief. I tried acupuncture, herbal treatment etc. Although they are the usual and well established therapies, somehow my body system unfortunately did not benefit much and the pain/ discomfort continued.

Coming to know about the “TOTAL REHAB” I consulted them. I was evaluated in detail which no one did so far. I was then told that my problems were more due to the arthritis in the spine. Also I was explained about my problem and the treatment in a very simplified manner. A two week course of treatment was advised.

Surprisingly, from day one, I started getting some relief tempting me to stop after a week itself. My giddiness totally stopped. BUT Dr Alpana(PT) refused and insisted on full two weeks treatment .The concern was that there should be no relapse. After the full course of treatment, the pain is fully gone and no discomfort in the neck. I do all activities including taking care of my mother who is 96 years old.

Total Rehab centre appears to be not just another physiotherapy clinic. It adopts an advanced and radically different approaches to set right the affected muscle /bone. They design the treatment course to suit the individual patient irrespective of age. I am myself 70-years old.

People affected by present day life style which is abusive to the body function will be benefited with the latest development in treatment followed at Total Rehab.


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