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Shyama Prasadh

I was not prescribed any pain medication…

Quite a few people that I know had visited Total Rehab in the past; for my extended family members to be precise. Based on their feedback, I was eager to meet Dr Alpana.  Even though my trip to Chennai was only for 3 weeks, I made it a point to get as many visits as possible to the clinic. Dr. Alpana did not prescribe any pain medication and her knowledge of nerves and muscle is excellent

We are fortunate to have such a skilled physio-specialist in Chennai”. She

It would be incomplete if I do not write about the clinic staff. They are friendly and professional. Overall, one can be assured that one would be taken good care of.

                                                 …P. Shyam Prasadh Software Engineer, California USA


(Mr Shyam Prasadh had scheduled his appointment from USA and planned his vacation to accommodate the minimum number of treatment sessions required. He had good number of visits to the clinics of medical doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractor and massage therapist in USA, ……all to no relief. He used to get severe pain in his upper back and shoulder, and was finding great difficulty at his work. He was told that he has to live with the pain and have sessions of physiotherapy/chiropractice periodically.

At TOTAL REHAB, he underwent detailed evaluation, and it was found that he had problem with his jaw joints.  Also, there was mechanical derangement of spine at his middle back region. He was given 7-sessions of therapy for middle back, shoulders and jaw joints. We checked for relapse by asking him to travel long distances, work for long hours on computer, lift heavy objects, and for NO activity he reported any pain or discomfort. He is back to his job in USA and recently he communicated his gratitude towards the team of TOTAL REHAB.)