Spine problems

For the last 4-months, I have not had a proper sleep due to pain.  Also I used to feel giddy while lying

I was not prescribed any pain medication for the shoulder and neck pain

When I suffered with severe back pain, my lower back looked deviated towards one side

I got rid of the vertigo in 2-days

My back pain has disappeared

I had the conviction that I was placing my neck in safe hands

I had a prolapsed disc and the surgeons advised surgery. The team at Total Rehab made my life pain-free and saved me from surgery.

My neck pain and vertigo is gone

I thought I had to live with neck and back pain for all my life; Total Rehab helped me have a comfortable living

I tried medicines, yoga, ayurveda, physiotherapy, chiropractice, but nothing helped. 15-sessions at Total Rehab changed my life.

Knee problems

I am 76-years old; I can now sit on floor, climb stairs and walk……My doctor says I don’t need the surgery now…..

I can climb stairs and travel to my work place using public transport….

I had swelling on the inside of my knee, it was very painful….

You have relieved my pain and agony……

Totally satisfied with your treatment

My MRI report read that the medial meniscus is torn and the doctors advised me surgery…….


My fluctuating blood sugar has stabilized and HbA1C has reduced from 11.4 to 8.5………..

My energy levels have improved and I have got rid of my body pains…

I was pre-diabetic; now my blood sugar levels are under control….

With guided program for diabetes control, I am able to reduce my diabetes medicines….

The burning sensation in feet is gone….

Shoulder problems

I was unable to move my hand on my own and also not sleep….

I met with a car accident in which I injured my right shoulder. I was not able to lift my arm overhead…..

My shoulder pain disappeared in 6-days…..