My fluctuating blood sugar has stabilized and HbA1C has reduced from 11.4 to 8.5….


I am diabetic since 20-years. For the last 5-years, my blood sugar levels fluctuate too much between morning and evening. Though I am not overweight, I do not take sugar and sweets, avoid many fruits and vegetables, do regular exercises, but still my blood sugar levels do not remain stable. My doctor put me on 20-units insulin in morning and 40-units in the evening. I knew my medicines were draining me off the energy but I had no choice. I used to get constant burning sensation in the feet.


At Total Rehab, I was evaluated in detail about my medical condition, my exercise tolerance levels were checked, an exercise program was planned along with some specific type of electrical treatment of the muscles, which helped in reducing the sugar levels in the blood and also toning of my muscles.  For the burning in my feet a different type of treatment called PEMF was given.


After completion of the planned program, my blood sugar levels stabilized. HbA1C has reduced from 11.4 to 8.5. My burning in the feet reduced to a greater extent. I was so happy that I enrolled myself for the program for 2nd time.

Thanks for the team of Total Rehab for individualized attention and dedicated service.

…Chowdhary; Businessman



My energy levels have improved and I have got rid of my body pains…


I am diabetic since 15-years. I work as a bank executive and my work is very sedentary type. I do take regular walks every day, but still over a period of time I was feeling very tired. My muscles became soft and weak. But my blood sugar levels were maintained within normal limits by the help of medicines.


At Total Rehab, a well planned exercise program and specific electrical treatment to the muscles helped me in gaining my energy levels back. Also, I feel my muscles are not sore as before.

Mrs R. Bank executive




I was pre-diabetic; now my blood sugar levels are under control….


My father is diabetic and I am diagnosed as pre-diabetic about 6-months back. I was very upset with the thought of being on medicines for the whole life. Also, I had seen my father living a very restricted life. I started exploring alternate options, and one of my friend referred me to Total Rehab.


My life-style, working patterns, sleeping patterns, eating habits were all discussed. I underwent a a 45-days session which included guided exercise protocol. I was also advised on what, when and how to eat. There were counselling sessions for work-life balance. I could feel the transformation in me. My blood sugar levels are normal. Thanks to the Total Rehab team.

…Mrs S. Company executive




With guided program for diabetes control, I am able to reduce my diabetes medicines….


I am on diabetes medicines for last 5-years. There are many restrictions in my diet. I feel depressed at times.

With the guided program for diabetes control at Total Rehab, I am able to reduce my doses of medicines, and I am confident that gradually I would be able to stop my medicines.

…Mr Khan; School Teacher


The burning sensation in feet is gone….

I was very upset with the constant burning sensation in my feet. Doctor said it is because of diabetic neuropathy. I am regularly taking medicines for this, but not much help.

After seeing the advertisement in the newspaper for a unique treatment for diabetic pains, I approached Total Rehab. A new treatment called PEMFT was given to me. Within 15-sessions, I could feel the difference in my pain. Now my burning sensation is totally gone. Thanks a lot.

…Mrs Varalaxmi; Housewife