For the last 4-months, I have not had a proper sleep due to pain.  Also I used to feel giddiness while lying…


I was having pain in my hand which started about six months back .It became intense day by day spreading to the back. Going to bed was very painful and I used to sleep in standing. For the last 4-months, I have not had a proper sleep due to pain.  Also I used to feel giddy while lying without pillow.

After a round of x-ray and MRI I was told that I have slipped disc at C3-C4 and C6-C7 levels.  I was then put on many medicines and referred for physiotherapy but no good relief. I tried acupuncture, herbal treatment etc. Although they are the usual and well established therapies, somehow my body system unfortunately did not benefit much and the pain/ discomfort continued.


Coming to know about the “TOTAL REHAB” I consulted them. I was evaluated in detail which no one did so far. I was then told that my problems were more due to the arthritis in the spine. Also I was explained about my problem and the treatment in a very simplified manner. A two week course of treatment was advised.

Surprisingly, from day one, I started getting some relief tempting me to stop after a week itself. My giddiness totally stopped. BUT Dr Alpana(PT) refused and insisted on full two weeks treatment .The concern was that there should be no relapse. After the full course of treatment, the pain is fully gone and no discomfort in the neck. I do all activities including taking care of my mother who is 96 years old.


Total Rehab centre appears to be not just another physiotherapy clinic. It adopts an advanced and radically different approaches to set right the affected muscle /bone. They design the treatment course to suit the individual patient irrespective of age. I am myself 70-years old.


People affected by present day life style which is abusive to the body function will be benefited with the latest development in treatment followed at Total Rehab.

….Gopal G, Chennai



I was not prescribed any pain medication…

Quite a few people that I know had visited Dr.Alpana in the past; for my extended family members to be precise. Based on their feedback, I was eager to meet her for the past 1 year. Even though my trip to Chennai was only for 3 weeks, I made it a point to get as many visits as possible to the clinic. Dr. Alpana is very knowledge and in the words of my brother –in –law (which I agree as well)”we are fortunate to have such a skilled physio-specialist in Chennai”. She did not prescribe any pain medication and her knowledge of nerves and muscle is excellent. .


It would be incomplete if I do not write about the clinic staff. They are friendly and professional. Overall, one can be assured that one would be taken good care of.

                                                 …P. Shyam Prasadh Software Engineer, California USA


(Mr Shyam Prasadh had scheduled his appointment from USA and planned his vacation to accommodate the minimum number of treatment sessions required. He had good number of visits to the clinics of medical doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractor and massage therapist in USA, ……all to no relief. He used to get severe pain in his upper back and shoulder, and was finding great difficulty at his work. He was told that he has to live with the pain and have sessions of physiotherapy/chiropractice periodically.

At TOTAL REHAB, he underwent detailed evaluation, and it was found that he had problem with his jaw joints.  Also, there was mechanical derangement of spine at his middle back region. Using DRS technique, his middle back and jaw problem was resolved. Shoulders were attended using CRT Within 7-sittings, he was totally pain-free. We checked for relapse by asking him to travel long distances, work for long hours on computer, lift heavy objects, and for NO activity he reported any pain or discomfort. He is back to his job in USA and recently he communicated his gratitude towards the team of TOTAL REHAB.)   




When I suffered with severe back pain, my lower back looked deviated towards one side…

I am very happy to write this testimonial for Dr Alpana. She and her team cured my slipped disc and saved me from the pains of surgery. It was way back in 2004, when I suffered with severe back pain. I was not able to sit or stand. My lower back looked deviated towards one side. Even for the toileting, my husband had to carry and make me sit on the commode. and had great difficulty with everything. As a regular practice, I met many doctors and surgeons, and all suggested surgery. As I had a 4-months baby, I was reluctant to undergo surgery. Then by my luck, I happened to meet Dr Alpana.  She gave a very passionate hearing to my problem, and planned the treatment very practically. All her instructions were in accordance to my living culture in a Marwari family. From day-1 I felt that I will be cured without surgery.  I was under their direct care for 4-weeks and then I was seeing her periodically.


Though I started light work after 1-month, it took almost 5-months for me to be totally back to my routine. An MRI SCAN was repeated after 6-months, and THE DISC WAS COMPLETELY IN ITS NORMAL PLACE.  Now even after 8-years, I have no problems, I do ALL work at home. I am sure that following surgery also I would have taken almost the same time to get back to my routine, and the cost and trouble to family members would had been too much.

                                                                                    Tanuja; Homemaker


Mrs Tanuja is now a back care instructor for all people in her family and neighbourhood. Though it is 8-years now, she knows how to take care of her spine and what to do in case she exerts herself beyond regular work.




I got rid of the vertigo in 2-days…

I came to the clinic with the problem of vertigo and instability in walking. I was examined by Alpana madam and advised treatment for 2-days which included neck traction and adjustment of ear fluid.


There was an immense relief in my condition. I got rid of the vertigo in 2-days. Then there were exercise sessions to improve my balance. Now after 1-month, my confidence level has improved and I am able to walk independently on road.

Thanks to madam and her dedicated team.

.,..R T Rajan, Retd Language Professor


(Mr R T Rajan is 80-yrs old and has developed vertigo because of which he is not able to walk independently even inside the house. He was on medication for it without relief.

My initial assessment confirmed him to be having positional paroxysmal vertigo and we treated him for it for 2-days. The treatment included streamlining of the fluid in semi-circular canal.

Mr Rajan also had age related balancing problem for which exercises were prescribed 3-times a week for a month. Mr Rajan came for a review after 2-months and reported NIL VERTIGO AND INDEPENDENTLY TAKING CARE OF HIMSELF IN AND OUT OF HOUSE)




My pain has disappeared…

I am at a loss of words to describe about how my pain has disappeared ,what ever I say is not gonna to be enough to let you know how you have cured me.

…Darsha, Entrepreneur


(Darsha is 26-years old and has a congenital scoliosis of the middle back which she never knew. Though it was a bit difficult for her to come to terms that she has to live with the deformity, but with counseling she accepted it and started working hard to get rid of the pain. After 15 sessions of treatment, she was pain free and she continues to attend TOTAL REHAB for maintenance therapy. She has got a very good posture of her back within 3-months.

She is now working with ease for almost 10-hrs a day, and also drives the car by herself to any distance required)




I had the conviction that I was placing my neck in safe hands…

From the first consultation, I have been extremely happy mainly because I had the conviction that I was placing my neck in safe hands. Special thanks to Rohini and Saravanan, Alpana ma’am you are a miracle maker.

                                                                                             …Ravi software professional, TCS Chennai


(Ravi is 24-years old tech guy, reported at TOTAL REHAB with pain at the lower part of neck radiating into his left arm and a diagnosis of cervical spondylitis at C3-C4. He had taken physiotherapy treatments at a couple of places during the 6-months period but no good relief and had stopped many of his daily activities out of fear that his pain would increase.

At TOTAL REHAB he underwent detailed evaluation, and it was found that he had very weak low back and shoulder muscles which were the reason of his abnormal stress at the neck. Also he was depressed. He was put through sessions of counseling and advanced physical therapy. After 20-sessions, he is pain free, has no fear of increasing the pain and started driving car up to 35km daily)




I had a prolapsed disc and the surgeons advised surgery. The team at Total Rehab made my life pain-free and saved me from surgery…


I came to TOTAL REHAB with a prolapsed disc problem because of which I was not able to stand straight and walk properly. Every small movement was painful. I had pain in my calf muscles, heels and back. I had been to a couple of orthopaedic and neuro-surgeons; and all of them advised me to have a surgery. I was then referred to Alpana Madam through a friend of mine who got treated at Total Rehab for her knee pain.


On day-1 itself, I was given the confidence that I will be alright. My treatment was planned on a day-to-day basis after evaluation.  Also, Dr Alpana used to counsel me every day on stress management, diet and coping skills which helped me a lot to overcome the fear of spinal problem.After 15-sessions of treatment, I was able to walk properly. Though my treatment continued for further 1-month, but I rejoined my duties after 15-days.


I do my exercises regularly which I am told to continue for 6-months; and also I do all my office and home work.

Thank you Dr Alpana. Your team and you made my life pain-free and saved me from surgery.

…Mrs V S Deepa; Senior Secondary School Teacher


(Mrs Deepa is 34-years old and a mother of a 13-year old child. She works as a teacher in a school where she has to climb up and down the floors many times a day and also stand for almost 7-hours a day during classes. She was brought to TOTAL REHAB unable to walk independently and not able to sit.

Her MRI scan report stated that she had a diffuse postero-lateral disc bulge at L4-L5 level with neural foramina obliteration on left side obliterating the nerve root. She was psychologically under much stress. We scheduled a few sessions of counselling for her and her husband, she was given guidance on preferred diet, and with that her therapy sessions were started. She took 45-days to recover completely. Mrs Deepa co-operated sincerely with the treatment and followed all instructions given to her which helped her to get back to her regular life without any surgery and medications.)  





My neck pain and vertigo is gone…

I was suffering with vertigo for 5-years and was on medication. I felt giddy while taking my head up and down; it was more while going to lying in bed. I was diagnosed with cervical spondilitis.  I also had some physiotherapy sessions a couple of times with not much relief in headache and giddiness.


The pain and swelling at the junction of head and neck was bothering me. Also, I had occasional headaches. My son, who had his back treatment at Total Rehab, brought me also there. After the first session of treatment, my vertigo disappeared; also the neck movements were free. After 7-sittings, I am totally painfree with not a single attack of vertigo, also my shoulder feel free.

I thank Dr Alpana and her team in helping me overcome the 5-year suffering.

…Mr Habibullah, Businessman


Mr Habibullah is 56-years old. His vertigo restrained him from travelling in car. Also, he had temporal headache which was due to his upper cervical spondylosis. Treatment comprised of AO and AA joint mobilisation myofascial stretches of strap muscles of neck and muscles of shoulder blades. Strengthening exercises for neck and shoulder were also given. The comprehensive approach with a personalized care helped Mr Habibullah recover in a very short time.




I thought I had to live with neck and back pain for all my life; Total Rehab helped me have a comfortable living…


I have to sit for long hours at my work which involves working with computers and attending to phone calls. It started with pain in lower back   for which I took all forms of treatment including medicines, ayurveda massage, yoga; but no significant relief. I was hardly able to sit for more than 15-minutes, and my tail bone pained. Gradually the pain spread to upper back, neck and frequent headaches. Though I was diagnosed with migraine, but I knew it is something else.


I had also taken 6-months break from work, but all was same as before as soon as I resumed my work.


One day, the pain was unbearable at work, and my collegue directed me to Total Rehab. I was examined thoroughly, and a 15-days treatment was planned. After 4-sittings, I could feel my body listening to me; by 10-days, I could sit for an hour and no continuous pain in neck.


Thank you doc for making my days comfortable, every morning I am doing the exercises and working with relative ease. I am sure, with regular exercises I will be painfree one day.


Total Rehab is different from other spine centres. They identify the root cause of the problem and then holistically help the patients overcome their suffering.

I will love to refer others to Total Rehab.

…Mrs Lakshmi, Staff British High Commission, Chennai