Shoulder pains are the 3rd most common musculoskeletal complaints.

The shoulder region can be painful either due to actual shoulder problem or referred pains from neck/internal organs. We have observed in our clinical practice that findings of MRI scan / Ultrasound scan of shoulder do not correspond to the intensity of symptoms presented by patients. Also various studies have highlighted that 20-40% of people have asymptomatic tears of rotator cuffs. It means that though there is a structural defect in shoulder; but no pain.

So, diagnosing a shoulder pain based on investigations alone can be misleading when planning treatment. A person with an old rotator cuff tear may develop new pain in shoulder due to overuse. Surgical repair of the tear in such case will not resolve the problem. A physical and functional assessment of shoulder will be the right way to plan the treatment.

Do you have pain or discomfort in your shoulder