Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it

…….JK Rowling

Musculo-skeletal pains can disturb the routine of the individual, affect the personal and professional life and can also lead to depression.

Pains cannot be eliminated by numbing. It requires detailed physical evaluation and assessment to treat the root cause of pain. Medication and rest can only support the process.( of numbing)

Women in many Indian families are engaged throughout the day with household work including cooking, cleaning, child care and elderly care in addition to the job if she is a working woman. This causes fatigue of shoulder muscles, inflammation in and around shoulder leading to shortness and weakness of soft tissue. Simply taking medication to relieve pain and not correcting the mechanics of tissues reduces efficiency of shoulder. Also this type of shoulder is then vulnerable to a major injury with minimal assault.

Long hours of sitting on improper furniture or abnormal posture strains the ligaments, muscles, joints and intervertebral discs. It even affects the blood circulation through the area under stress predisposing inflammation and pain in neck, shoulders, back, knees and hips.

Does any of the above stories resemble your pain story?
Are you having pain which is affecting your daily routine?
Are you getting up with headache / stiff neck ?
Did you get up with painful shoulder?
Are you advised surgery for your backpain?
Do you find difficulty having quality time with your grandchildren because of knee pain?
Do you have back pain after childbirth?

Stop suffering from pain.

The experience and response to pain is different in different age groups and genders. Children carry the risk of chronic adulthood pains or behavior changes if their pains are not attended properly. Older adults fail to recover completely from pain if their co-morbidities and altered biochemistry is not taken into account. Women respond differently to pain during different stages of menstrual cycle. Pain perception and response to treatment is different in people with comorbidities.

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