I am 76-years old; I can now sit on floor, climb stairs and walk……My doctor says I don’t need the surgery now…..


I was 70-years then and my knees were very painful. I was advised knee replacement surgery by the surgeon. Then for a second opinion, I met Dr Alpana(PT), who evaluated my physical, functional and social requirements. So, I was told that I would be helped with the pain, and then decision on surgery to be taken later. I was following all instructions given to me at Total Rehab.  After 1-year, I visited my surgeon; I was told that surgery is not required for me.


It is 6-years now; I can climb stairs, sit on floor and walk about 1-km. Now I attend Total Rehab every fortnight for maintenance therapy.

Total Rehab has given me a new life and saved me from surgery at this age.

Mr J Kishore, Businessman, Chennai


Mr J Kishore was 70-years old, travelled always by car, and had no specific need of walking or climbing stairs or sitting on floor. So he was counselled to first get rid of pain, develop his thigh muscles which were weak, and then take a call on surgery if he still felt he should. We trained him kinesiologically for functional rehabilitation. He is functionally totally independent and off late he also travels inter-city. During winters, he feels some discomfort, but the maintenance therapy keeps everything under control for him.




Totally satisfied with your treatment…


By God’s grace your service are excellent .Totally satisfied with your treatment and your staff are excellent. I am grateful to you doctor; wish you all the best and all the prosperity.

                                                                                   … Quania Khanam Home maker from Dubai UAE


 (Quania is 47-years old. She had visited TOTAL REHAB in 2010 for treatment of her knee pain. She had pain in both the knee joints, and thighs and was not able to offer the prayers (Namaz) .the regular way. She came in a wheelchair from the airport. After completing 15-sessions of treatment, she was pain free and also offer Namaz. She was able to walk at the airport during her return to Dubai. Satisfied with the treatment, she came back in 2012 for treatment of varicose veins.)




I can climb stairs and travel to my work place using public transport….


I travel 40-km daily using the public transport to reach my work place. My knees became painful. One day, I found it difficult to even sit and get up from chair, standing for more than 5-minutes was difficult. Many of my colleagues suggested me to visit Total Rehab.


I was advised MRI studies and found to have torn meniscus of knee. I was advised 25-sittings of therapy. Now I have no pain and swelling. My activities are comfortable now. I travel using public transport; I can climb stairs, and also do all my household work.  Sometimes, if I have to travel standing, my knee hurts; but the pain disappears after exercising.

Thanks to the team of Total Rehab for making my life comfortable.

…Mrs Jaya, Accounts Department, BPCL Chennai




I had swelling on the inside of my knee, it was very painful….


One morning I could not get out of bed, my knee was very painful. Though there was some pain from a fortnight, but it just aggravated after I spent 2-hours in shopping. I had swelling on the inside of my knee, it was very painful.


I went to Total Rehab, and was told that I have got Baker’s cyst. After treatment for 15-days, my knee is totally pain free and the swelling is also gradually subsiding. Total Rehab team was very professional and compassionate. I pray they help more people like me. 

…Mrs Blais, Housewife, Chennai


Though Mrs Blais clinically showed all signs of Baker’s cyst, but still she was advised some x-rays and basic blood tests to rule out anything serious with her knee. She was unable to bend her knee, unable to walk even few steps. At Total Rehab, surrounding soft tissues were released, the knee cap kinematics were restored with kinesio-taping and kinesio-therapy. With few sessions of electrotherapy and personalized exercises, Mrs Blais recovered from the pain and disability within 15-days.




You have relieved my pain and agony……


With profound appreciation I place my gratitude to you for having relieved my pain and agony. After a fruitless and long search to get rid of my unbearable constant pain in my left knee, I landed in safe hands. “THANK HEAVENS”.

Total Rehab is really total dependability with devoted team.

Mrs Bhuvaneswari, PSU employee, Chennai

(Mrs Bhuvaneswari was diagnosed with torn medial meniscus with chondromalacia patella. She was advised surgery, which she was not willing for. She was refereed to us through one of our old patient. After correcting the mechanics of the knee joint with kinesiotherapy and personalized exercise program, she was totally pain free and able to climb stairs and ramps, stand for any length of time. She could attend her brother’s marriage with full participation without pain; and this was a test of the recovery.)