Women and men respond differently to exercises due to their difference in hormones. The different social roles played by women as compared to men, also subjects their body to different type of physical and emotional forces, all affecting the performance of body functions.

Optimum hormonal levels can be maintained by regular exercises.


There are women specific problems which require to be addressed. Some of them are:

  1. Adolescent kyphosis (rounding of upper back during adolescence)
  2. Muscle pains due to polycystic ovary disease
  3. Osteo-arthrosis of knee (more common in women)
  4. Calcaneal spurs
  5. Osteopenia and osteoporosis
  6. Antenatal and Postnatal fitness
  7. Menopause related water retention and body pains

Total Rehab conducts fitness program for women which helps them to maintain good health and also keep the body in good shape.


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