Seniors often suffer from many physical, emotional and psychological problems.


In elderly people, the muscle strength reduces and reflexes become sluggish predisposing the person to falls. The proprioception through the joints also reduces. The imbalance so created is one of the major causes of falls and fractures in people above 55-years of age.


The imbalance also increases wear and tear of the joints. Thereby it increases the low back and knee joint pains. Some patients may develop imbalance during activities at an early age due to metabolic and hormonal disturbances; these symptoms increase with age.  


The geriatric population requires a specialized care. The associated medical problems like diabetes, menopause, thyroid disorders, increased cholesterols, hypertension, myocardial infarction, indigestion, breathing problems, disturbed sleep, fractures and arthritis affects the wellbeing of individual. The fitness levels reduce and disability increases.


Types of Total Rehab Seniors Fitness Program


Type-1: Fall prevention program— For all individuals above 50-years of age and without any medical problems. .

The purpose of this program is to prevent falls and fractures, and also delay the wear and tear in the joints. This delays the onset of arthritic pains.


Type-2: Fitness at the medical gym— For those with some medical problem.

Such programs improve the well-being of the person, reduce the complications of the disease, slow down the progression of disease and reduce disability.


The regular gyms are not equipped with required equipments and manpower for such special cases. Whereas the staff at TOTAL REHAB is trained in basic life support; also there is constant monitoring of the ECG, oxygen saturation and other vital parameters during the exercises. This ensures that the patient is safe throughout the exercise.


It is usually seen that when an elderly person with some medical problem or post-angioplasty visits to a regular gym, he would be instructed to do the exercises how-much-ever he feels comfortable. In my opinion that does not improve the fitness of the individual. Also there is no need to attend the gym for such non-productive program. The medical gym at TOTAL REHAB is well equipped with emergency care facility for people with cardiac problems.


Benefits of Total Rehab Fitness program for Seniors:

  1. Reduce the risk of fall
  2. Reduce the disability
  3. Promote feeling of well being
  4. Reduce dependency on medicines
  5. Improves socialization
  6. Improves mental and psychological health

The team of care takers involve an emergency medicine medical specialist, a physiotherapist and a yoga therapist.


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