I come across many people who had been exercising regularly, but still get spinal or knee problems. Different people have different notions about exercises. Even theses days, we many gyms employing fresh graduate physiotherapists as fitness trainers. I really wonder whether fitness is so simple that anyone who is not trained himself/ herself can take charge of your fitness. Mostly all gyms have their protocol which they sell through the physiotherapists who act as trainers. These protocols are drafted to continue the business of gyms without much benefit to the client.


Exercise is a science.¬†Each individual’s exercise tolerance levels differ depending on your body structure, age, level of physical activity, muscular strength and flexibility, bone health, associated medical problems and genetic make-up. Exercise prescription is always done considering these parameters. There are principles of exercising which are mosulated depending on the end result expected:

  • principle of specificity
  • principle of overload
  • FITT principle (frequency, Intensity, time and type)
  • Rest and recovery principle
  • Principle of use ot lose

Cardio exercises cannot help in weight management. Similarly yoga helps you with flexibility alone. There are some yoga asanas which do help with strength training and weight management, but as they are difficult, there are less takers for it.


Mechanical forms of exercises such as recumbent cycle or passive mobilizers are of no help in weight reduction and fitness training. REMEMBER, exercises are effective only ehrn your muscles work actively.