Combination of electrotherapy with ultrasound waves is termed electro-sound. 


While applying electro-sound, the electro-therapy electrodes are used to give TENS current; whereas the ultrasound applicator acts as an active electrode of electrotherapy and simultaneously it emits ultrasound waves.


Electro-sound is a painless method of trigger point release. Also, unlike other methods, it improves blood circulation in the affected area. This prevents tissue injury  which is evident in point pressure technique. Electro-sound requires less number of treatment sessions to get rid of pain.


We have found electro-sound to be very useful in releasing trigger points in upper trapezius muscle – the most difficult area to be treated.


Total Rehab is the only facility in Tamil Nadu where this painless method of trigger point releases is being used since 2012. 


Get rid of your chronic pains in 4-5 sessions

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