Glucose utilization in body

Diabetic drugs and side effects

Vicious cycle of high sugar and high lipids

Druglesss control of diabetes

Muscle and joint pains in diabetics



India has the world’s largest population with diabetes. The changed lifestyle and food habits have largely contributed to it. Something that is very worrisome is that more and more number of children is being diagnosed with diabetes.


Diabetes is one of the major causes of illness and premature death worldwide. About 27% of people are unaware that they are diabetic. Complications and morbidity from diabetes is rising exponentially due to lack of sufficient diagnosis and treatment.


Diabetes affects every system of your body including the nerves, blood circulation, heart function, kidney function, muscles, joints, vision, and skin. 


Type II diabetes is PRE-VENTABLE. You can vent out the risk of diabetes factors before the disease starts venting out in your body.


Glucose utilization in body

The glucose present in the blood is used by the muscles during daily activities. Inactivity disturbs the balance of availability and utilization of this glucose. Improper diet, irregular food timings and skipping of breakfast affects release of insulin in body. Also, in Type-II diabetes, the insulin though available in blood does not act upon the glucose; and gradually, the pancreas stop secreting the insulin; this stage is called insulin resistant.


Diabetic drugs and side effects

People on anti-diabetic medication carry the risk of other body system being affected over a period of time. The diabetic medicines have side-effects like muscle pains, muscle fatigue, high cholesterol levels, stroke and more (picture-1).




Picture-1: some common side-effects of diabetic drugs)


Many people on medication have wrong notions like:

  • They are on medication and hence afford to eat any food, any quantity and any time. This disturbs the glycemic load in blood
  • Their blood sugar levels are under control with medicines and so they need not do any exercises. Exercises are a must to reduce the side-effects of medicines and also prevent diabetic complications
  • They might be controlling on food intake at home but overeat whenever they get chance in parties; disturbing glycemic load
  • I will just take a pain pill from the chemist for my muscle pain. As the muscle and joint pains is almost always there, I know patients who keep popping in pain pills. Can cause blood related complications increasing risk for coronary artery block or stroke
  • Middle aged house-wives feel that the movement inside the house for daily chore is equivalent to walking exercise. Walking continuously at a particular speed as exercise helps to activate the pancreas and also muscle level utilization of glucose.

Vicious cycle of high sugar and high lipids

Reports suggest that “high doses of diabetic medicines increase lipid levels in blood” for which drugs like statins are prescribed. Long duration intake of statins increases the sugar levels in blood for which you may require the diabetic medication to be increased. Also, more diabetic drugs mean more muscle fatigue and inability of muscles to use the glucose present in blood. A stage is reached when you maintain the normal levels of glucose and lipids solely with the help of medicines and your body plays no role. In such a scenario where your sugar and lipid levels may be within normal limits; you are at a high risk of cardiac and neurological complications like cardiac arrest or stroke.


So, it is always in the benefit of the individual on medication to register for a well planned exercise program under the supervision of experienced physiotherapists or qualified exercise trainers. Fitness in diabetics is a technology aimed at achieving goals and preventing complications.




diabetes image-2

Picture-2: A vicious cycle of diabetes and hyper-cholesterol Drugless control of diabetesProper intervention in the form of appropriate muscle activities which increase the uptake of glucose by the muscles should be a priority in diabetes management. A 20-minutes of brisk walk activates the pancreas to secrete insulin. Total Rehab Diabetes Control Program includes these 2-approaches to control the blood sugar levels, reduce the diabetic drug dosage and its complications, and improve the well being of the individual.


Well planned program helps:

–          prevent diabetes in pre-diabetics

–          control sugar levels in early diabetics without medicines and

–          reduce the dose of drugs and complications in advanced diabetics. 


Muscle and joint pains in diabetics

Patients with diabetes have many associated problems of muscles and joints. Diabetic muscles are more susceptible for injuries, and also wear and tear in joints is high. Diabetic patients suffer more from:

–          Shoulder pain

–          Chest muscle spasms

–          Back pains

–          Neck and shoulder pains

–          Thigh pain

–          Stress incontinence of urine


Planning of exercises for any purpose in a diabetic individual should be done judiciously. Parameters like HbA1c levels, exercise tolerance and associated medical complications should be taken into consideration.

Universal exercise regimes delay recovery and / or give incomplete recovery in diabetics.  


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