Shoulder joint derives its stability and movements from 30-muscles. The mechanics of the shape of the joint and the structure of the muscles and tendons controlling it make shoulder a unique joint. This also explains the need for a well planned, individualized treatment for shoulder pains.


The most common shoulder problem seen in a pain clinic is related to the rotator cuff muscles. The force couple formed by various muscles in and around the shoulder guide the movement of the bone. Also, associated limitation of movements and deformities are governed by the forces generated by these muscles. Many injuries of the rotator cuff go unnoticed because of the different directions of the tissues in different layers of the tendon of rotator cuff.


The injuries of rotator cuff have 3-phases:
Phase-1: immediately following an injury (may be direct or indirect); lasts for 48-hours
Phase-2: recovery phase; lasts for 6-weeks
Phase-3: remodelling phase: after 6-weeks


The muscle actions during all 3-phases would be different; and therapy should be planned in such a way to facilitate recovery and restoration of function.


CRT (Comprehensive Release Technique) is developed at Total Rehab by Dr Alpana (PT). The technique ensures that the healing and recovery of the injured tissue is facilitated. This is done by sequential activation and release of the 30-muscles of the shoulder joint. Improper activation of the muscles leaves a permanently weak joint. Also, strains to the neck muscles are inevitable if the right sequence and methods are not followed.


Patients those who are treated with CRT recover faster than those treated with conventional exercises or physiotherapy.


CRT is well tolerated by patients with associated medical problems like hypertension or cardiac problems.

Even those with diabetes are safe with CRT therapy as it prevents further injury and weakness of the muscles of shoulder joint.


Total Rehab is the only place where CRT therapy. The best part of this therapy is that IT IS PAINLESS.


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