Physiotherapy in cosmetology— A new area of working developed by Dr Alpana Dongre(PT)

More than 5-years of extensive research in skin problems and use of physiotherapy modalities in its treatment has evolved fast acting, no side effects techniques for skin rejuvenation.

Immediate results are noticed for puffed eyes, fine lines and wrinkles, visible blood vessels and blemishes. If you are looking for a lasting result, you may require the treatment to be repeated 3 to 8-times depending on the skin condition.


+What types of cases we attend to? 
+What techniques we use? 
+What do you expect on your first visit? 
+How many sessions of treatment is required? 
+What if I miss some session in between? 
+ Do I need to repeat the treatment once my course of treatment is over? 
+Are there any side effects? 
+What is a cellulite? 
+Can I get rid of cellulite?