Fast, safe methods for cosmetic treatments just 2-hours before a function.

We use specialized forms of electrical currents, acumassage and acupuncture for cosmetic treatments.


We help you with:

  • Getting rid of fine lines under the eye and over the back of hands
  • Getting rid of under eye-bags
  • Improving the lustre of skin on face
  • Removing black heads
  • Getting rid of acne and pimples
  • Improving skin complexion

Our techniques are unique because WE DO NOT USE ANY COSMETICS. 

It is safe for all age groups and all skin types

The effects last for 2-3 days.

More number of sessions will be required for long lasting results. 


Our specially designed exercise program helps you in re-shaping your body. Loose at least 1-inch in 15-days from your abdomen only by simple guided exercises.


Book an appointment  to know more about this breakthrough technology in cosmetic care.