AURAThe Corporate Wellness Program 

Investment in Employee Wellness program is beneficial to both the employer and employee

Employers have a compelling cause for concern about employee health and the burden that the high health care costs place on their competitive positions.

An unhealthy person is more likely to be absent from work than a healthy one; also less productive when at work. Several studies have shown that the financial implication of employee absenteeism and less productivity due to poor health is more than the cost of medical and pharmaceutical bills.

The present corporate culture driven by technological advances has turned the life continuously ON for Coporate1the employees. The line of division between professional and personal lives is very thin. The life-style and the stresses take a toll on the employees’ health.

Inadequate rest and physical stress leads to hypertension, diabetes, backaches, headaches, sinusitis, sexual dysfunction and menstrual irregularities.


PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER. The cost of preventive care is much less than the cost of curative care. Over and above, all the stress induced medical problems have no cure; they can only be managed.


How is Aura different

AURA-the corporate wellness program of Total Rehab addresses on many issues of employee health and wellness.  We primarily perform the health risk assessment for each employee, which covers social, habitual, familial, financial, culture and beliefs,    job satisfaction and medical aspects of evaluation. The Health risk appraisal of the individual and the company is then generated. This is a quantitative tool for the company to assess their health and review the benefits of intervention over a period of time. Though the companies spend funds in curative cost of healthcare of their employees, but the wellbeing does not improve. So it does not help in improving the company’s bottom line.

AURA- emphasizes on preventive health management. Also we incorporate alternative therapies to supplement the medical management of existing diseases. This reduces the cost of health care and also improves the well being of employees. 


AURA- includes:  

  1. lectures and workshops on stress management and posture awareness, scientific nutrition,
  2. alternative means of disease prevention and management
  3. on-site consultation for pain and chronic ailments
  4. ergonomic assessment
  5. regular group fitness exercises
  6. yoga therapy
  7. promoting work site wellness using kinesio-taping, acupuncture, physiotherapy, manual therapy 
  8. Training to all employees on Basic Life Support

 How we work?

Step-1: discuss with you and understand your need for your employees

Step-2: Health risk appraisal of your employees involving physical fitness assessment

Step-3: Plan the program appropriate for your employees

Step-4: Deliver the program

Step-5: Re-assess the health risk factors of the employee and present the report to the company management.

The AURA- team consists of an orthopaedic and sports physiotherapist, an emergency medicine and pain doctor, an orthopaedic doctor, a yoga specialist, and physiotherapists trained into medical fitness programs. 

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