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Cervical Spondylosis— Wear and tear of the joints of neck. It may or may not be accompanied with disc problem in neck. It is commonly seen in following people:

  • Those who have to constantly look down and work like tailors or electronics assembly workers
  • Those who travel long distances by moped
  • Students who have too much writing
  • Children playing games on play stations and X-box
  • Computer professionals
  • Females with big and heavy breasts
  • People with diabetes
  • People with whiplash injuries
  • People with jaw joint problems

The patients of cervical spondylosis may have any or all of these symptoms:

  • Pain and stiffness in neck
  • Pain in shoulder region or upper back
  • Painful movements of neck
  • Headache
  • Giddiness (vertigo)
  • Pain spreading into forearm and hands
  • Numbness or heaviness in the hands
  • Feeling of stiffness in hands in the morning
  • Complaint of numbness and inability to move the hands in the night during sleep, which improves by change of position or by movement
  • Blocking sensation in one ear
  • Weakness in hand (complaint of objects falling out of hand)

What we do?

We examine you thoroughly and identify the physical causes of abnormal stress in your neck. A treatment plan is drafted to restore the mechanics of the neck and upper back to near normal state. Kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy, manual therapy, diet and ergonomic counselling will be used to restore your pain free status.


How are we different?

We understand the body mechanics much better. Also, we understand how your muscles and nerves will behave in the presence of diabetes, hypothyroid or other medical conditions. And accordingly the exercise program is personalized.

It is the sequence in which the movement is performed and the speed and position in which the exercises are performed which makes all the difference.


What our patients say about us?

  1. For the last 4-months, I have not had a proper sleep due to pain.  Also I used to feel giddy while   lying ….. read more
  2. My neck pain and vertigo is gone … more

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