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About Us

Leader in non-surgical spine pain management
Pioneer of spinal rehabilitation for, Total Rehab is a trusted name for second opinion for spinal pains and surgeries. 

Kinesiotherapeutic Pain Management
Treatment for pains of muscles and joints is based on biomechanical principles, clinical reasoning. We ensure that the pain is not only relieved, but also you get rid of it forever. We foresee pain in your daily routine, and address it before you can feel. 

First Vertigo Rehabilitation Facility
Vertigo due to spondilitis of neck (cervicogenic vertigo) or from ear (labyrinthine vertigo) can be corrected with ease. We started the first Vertigo Rehab Facility in Chennai in 2010.

Medical Gym
Physical Fitness with joint pains, deformities, post replacements of hip and knees, metabolic disorders like diabetes, PCOD, hypothyroidism, or medical conditions like hypertension, Angioplasty, GERD, etc is always a challenge for the individual. The person usually ends up doing only movements and NO exercise, thereby compromising on the fitness levels. 

Total Rehab started the first Medical Gym in 2012. 

Adolescent Health
Adolescents go through physical and psychological changes, which need to be addressed,  if symptomatic. Common adolescent issues are related to nutrition, distractions, sexuality, acne, stress, physical looks. A separate facility to address their issues gives them the comfort of taking help and guidance in time. 

Total Rehab has started the first Adolescent Health Clinic under the guidance of Dr Ishani from Jan 2020.

Also called Preventive Rehabilitation, is a process of enhancing the functional capacity of an individual with an aim to prevent injuries before it actually happens. It is useful in joint replacement surgeries, cancer surgeries, transplant surgeries, pregnancy and deliveries, geriatric population and normal popualation exposed to pollution or epidemics. 

Total Rehab starts the first ever Prehabilitation program during the lockdown phase of COVID-19 pandemic. The program aims to reduce the impact of disease in individuals and assist early recovery. 


Total Rehab team:

Dr Alpana Dongre MPT
(Physical Therapy)

Dr Hanspal Dongre MBBS, MD

Dr Ishani Hanspal MBBS, MD
(Preventive and Community Medicine)

Dr G S Patnaik MBBS, MS
(Orthopedics and Trauma)

Dr Vijayachithra BPT
(Physical Therapy)

Dr Rashi Goel MPT
(Physical Therapy)

Dr Vaishnavi BPT
(Physical Therapy)

Dr Poornima MPT
(Physical Therapy)

Mrs Shilpa Khandelwal (Dip Yoga therapy)

Our patients have been our strength and motivation in our growth.

Philosophy – Holistic approach